General Health

Safe, natural and pain free, acupuncture can successfully treat everydaymusculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain with a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, oriental cupping and massage. At times, we feel that we are not 100%, however, nothing is really 'wrong' with us.
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Cancer Care

Cancer care is now the forefront of modern medicine. Although with such great technological advancements, the anticancer agents have a low therapeutic index: therefore they possess both useful therapeutic effects and significant adverse reactions.
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Stress & Mental Health

Stress and anxiety: we all know it, but what can we do about it? Stress and anxiety are the biggest cause of imbalance in the body. Without realizing its true effects on our body, we push it away like its not there, or simply we say to ourselves: it’ll get better soon.
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What is it?

Acupuncture is believed to have begun around 3rd millennium BC and it is the stimulation of certain points on the body by use of superfine acupuncture needles. In Chinese medicine, the body is composed of meridian lines with interconnected organs functioning the body as a whole. Qi and blood flow through the meridian lines to power the body maintaining health and balance. A disrupted qi flow results in symptoms, thereby illness occurs. Just as a river has flowing water running through it, the water energy flows down the river to feed life further below it. When the water stagnates due to debris, rocks, fallen twigs and leaves, the effect on the life downstream suffers as now the water trickles and the quality of water is diminished.

Cathy performs Japanese Acupuncture, which is painless and has a lasting effect as it works on your constitution as well as your presenting symptoms. The needles are shallowly inserted at certain acupuncture points depending on what needs to be achieved and help to rebalance the body, calm the central nervous system and restores the body’s organs. Acupuncture enhances the organ’s functions, therefore you perform at your optimum level as you will have increased energy and feel better overall. Acupuncture helps to slow down a busy mind: this reconnection of the body and the mind brings awareness, mental clarity and focus to enable you to firm better judgment and decisions. Maintenance with acupuncture can assist to rejuvenate the body, giving you a mini holiday - that much needed rest, to be able to restore and sleep soundly.


Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs work well in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. Depending on what you have come in for, Chinese herbs maybe prescribed toyou in order to gain the maximum benefit of the treatment. Chinese herbs come in granule or capsules/tablet to fit in with your busy schedule and can help with a variety of ailments such as the common cold, immune support, digestive problems, chronic illness and general wellbeing.


What’s that smell?
Well, if you can smell something burning in the clinic that is a good thing.

Moxibustion is when the Chinese herb: Artemisia vulgaris, commonly known as mugwart is burned to help aid the healing process. Its origins began around the same time of the development of the controlled use of fire – back in the primitive days! Today, the leaves of the herbs are picked, dried and the impurities removed; then processed into cotton wool consistency. Moxibustion is applied depending on what we are trying to achieve. The aim is to increase blood flowalong the channel pathways or certain acupuncture points. Studies have shown that moxibustion can relieve pain by reducing the blood viscosity in the blood vessels, thus increasing the collagen therefore making it easy to stretch muscle fibres. Moxibustion also increases the metabolism and the metabolic rate, which leads to an increase in cellular activity and repair promoting faster healing and repair. Moxibustion can be applied in many different ways and it gives a nurturing warmth and ease.


Cupping is sometimes used in the treatment and is placed over certain acupuncture points to help increase blood flow into that area. The benefits of cupping with increased blood flow serves to heal the area by bringing white blood cells to get rid of toxic metabolic waste in tissues and red blood cells to help nourish and feed the muscle fibres and surrounding soft tissues needing repair. This is a painless therapy, which can often lead to bruising on the skin, lasting a couple of days. It is interesting to note the discolouration or bruising colour that is left, as it is a diagnostic tool that is used to understand the stagnation of the blood.