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Acupuncture during pregnancy is one of the safest complementary medicines to help you through this special journey. It is helpful in alleviating morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue and lack of energy that most women encounter during the first trimester. Ideally, treatments are weekly up to 12 weeks to reduce the risk of miscarriage and help with energy levels.

Pre-labour and Labour

Acupuncture can help with pre-labour by enhancing the prospects of an efficient labour in conjunction with teaching special acupressure points which can make a great difference to the levels of pain experienced during the labour process. During labour, acupuncture can also assist with reducing the level of medical intervention such as inductions, forceps deliveries, caesarian sections and posterior or breech presentations. Full benefits are gained with regular treatments starting from 36 weeks to full term.

Post-Natal Care

Naturally all your energy has been expended on nurturing your baby for 9 months and during labour. Not to mention the sleep deprivation with nursing a newborn. It is exhausting. Acupuncture can help nurture you so you can do your best to nurture your new baby. It can help with exhaustion, insufficient lactation, breast-feeding issues, mastitis and postnatal depression.